Oconee Community Theatre


"The Last Dance of Dr. Disco"


The owner/manager of Studio 182. DR.DISCO is an arch-villain in the tradition of Blofield of "Goldfinger". In a wheelchair, Dr. Disco holds a cat (stuffed) which he constantly strokes. He wears an eyepatch, as does the cat. He is wearing a satin dressing gown, or tux. His hair is spiked, giving him a mad scientist appearance. Any age over 30.

ILSA HUMP - DR.DISCO's nurse/companion

ILSA almost never leaves DR.D's side.

Besides being madly in love with him, she is a partner in his nefarious doings. She is well-built, with a prominent bosom as her most obvious feature.  Wearing a white nurse's uniform, cap, and 'sensible' white shoes. She is German and seems capable of breaking a man in two. Any age over 40.

MARGIE KRANK - DR. DISCO'S spoiled daughter. Despite years in finishing school in Switzerland, Margie remains . . . er, unfinished.

She's man crazy and has currently targeted TONY for her affections.  She realizes that the way to his affections is through disco dancing, but she is, unfortunately, a total klutz. She wears go-go boots and hot pants, or maybe a fussy disco dress. In her 20's.

TONY MENUDO - the dancing star of Studio 182. TONY is very "New York" and vain about his looks and especially about his dancing ability.  He longs for a better life, and sees DR. DISCO and the Club as his way out.  Dressed in an all-white suit ala John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever". In his 30's.

ANGIE PORTOBELLO - TONY'S  dance partner. Fiery temper and very jealous. Dressed in a wraparound skirt with handkerchief hem, worn with a leotard or any 70's disco dance wear. In her 30's or younger.

DYLAN WANKER aka AGENT 'X' a suave and sophisticated secret agent for the British government. He wears a dinner jacket and carries a Martini shaker and Glass with a bottle of olives in his pocket. In his 40's or older.

LYNDA NEWARK - an audience 'plant'. Attractive, able to dance. Carries a purse containing 'clues'. In her 30's or older.