Oconee Community Theatre

Audition Information

​​​     Date:        APRIL 7, 8, 14, & 15, 2019

     Time:       7:00 PM

     Place:      Oconee Community Theatre

     Director:  Herschel Harper

Actors  Needed

The cast for One Mad Night includes parts for 7 men and 7 women. Ages listed in the descriptions below are "character ages" but may be variable.  

Show Description

​Playwright Don Cutter, accompanied by Wing, his proverb-quoting Chinese valet, goes to the Cutter mansion to finish his latest play in peace and quiet. It's been deserted for years and reputedly haunted. Don's astonished when he finds the house tenanted by some very strange people including "Mr. Hyde" and "Lady McBeth". They are harmless lunatics but Don doesn't know this. Then there's Lucille, a beautiful girl inmate with an amazing story of persecution and intrigue. Don's about to rescue her when his fiancee and her mother arrive. Then everything happens including talking ghosts, screaming women, disappearing guests and, for a climax, an escaped murderer fleeing for his life appears. When the curtain falls, everyone is weak from laughter. 

Character Descriptions

DON CUTTER: (Age mid 20's) A young playwright. He is tall and good looking with a sense of humor and pleasant laugh

WING: (early 20's) A young Asian, slow and scholarly in manner. He is Don's valet as well as a voice of his conscience. 

PRISCILLA: (middle aged) Is a stout woman who knits and speaks her mind

LADY MACBETH: (mid 20's) An attractive girl, wide eyed and very solemn. 

JOHN ALDEN: (forties) Sees himself as an Indian hunter. He's tall, gaunt and self focused.

MR. HYDE: (30ish) A ferocious villain who is strong looking with a laugh that is shrill and insane

DR. BUNN: (40ish) A slight man who is in charge. He has a professional smile and talks like a school teacher. 

LUCILLE MARCY: (19) A damsel in distress! She is charming and in her "insane" moments she has the same quality as Lady Macbeth, but is otherwise is intelligent and sincere. 

MRS. KLUCK: (middle aged) She's the housekeeper with an evil face and a surly manner. 

GERTRUDE FINCH: (early 20's) She is Don's Fiance. She's always fashionably dressed and rather haughty in her manner and all that brings to mind. 

MRS. T ASHINGTON FINCH: (mid to late 40's) She's the reason Gertrude is the way she is. She has a condescending manner yet not very intelligent. 

DEPRESSION: (variable age) She's the maid. She's a stout woman (preferably of color) who is extremely scary and excitable. 

ARTEMUS BURKE: (mid 40's) He is a lawyer who has a clipped accent. Should be bald(ing) and have hawk-like features. 

DANNY SILETTO: (mid 20's) He's a swarthy, vicious-looking man with a prominent scar on his face and unshaven. He speaks with a growl out of the corner of his mouth. 

Show Dates & Times

Other Information

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  • Scripts will be available at the auditions only

  • If cast you will be provided a copy of the script, but if you would like your own copy click here.